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Art and DT


At Stanhope Primary School, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of art activities right across the school and we encourage art as a means of expression, to communicate ideas and feelings. Our children are presented with a wide variety of materials and techniques in the early years, which they continue to develop and apply as they progress throughout the school.


In KS1 and KS2, children are encouraged to be spontaneously creative, using a variety of media and techniques in art. They develop skills in drawing, painting, 3D work, textiles, printing. Lots of our art work is related to our class topics but we also learn about artists and what inspired them, we use lots of different materials such as pastel, paint, fabric and clay to develop our skills in art. Children develop their ideas through self-evaluation and group discussion.



Children at Stanhope school take great pride in their art work as can be demonstrated by the images below. Have a look at the various themes explored by different year groups!
Picture 1 Year 6 Stain Glass window designs
Picture 2 Key Stage 2 ceramic art work.
Picture 3 A group of year 4 pupils made a model of Iron Man.
Picture 4 Abstract trees created by year 6 pupils.
Picture 5 Ancient Egyptian gods by year 3.
Picture 6 Cartoon characters made by year 3/4 cvhildren
Picture 7 Pre-historic cave paintings by Ruby class.
Picture 8 Mercury class drew own impressions of Greek gods.