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As of September 2012 the government have removed the requirement to teach the current ICT national curriculum.

At Stanhope Primary School we believe in giving children the opportunity to learn about ICT through practical and meaningful experiences.

In EYFS and Y1 children learn about different kinds of technology and how they are powered by electricity.  They learn simple programming skills by commanding floor robots to move in simple ways.

In Y2 pupils are introduced to the Scratch programming language.  This is a simple to learn, but very powerful, programming language.  Children learn how to programme a picture object (called a sprite) to move around the screen in different ways.  They put the virtual pen into the down position and learn to draw various shapes.

In KS2 children learn to develop their programming skills futher by creating simulations of real life problems.  For example, learning to programme a simulation of a set of traffic lights, a light house, or to control the lights and heating in a futuristic house.  They further learn to apply these programming skills to control obejcts connected to the computer so their solutions are linked to  real life problems.  This enables their skills to develop in a meaningful way.

If children would like to explore Scratch further they can access the following websites to download the software and to watch video tutorials which will enable them to develop their skills further.