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Ethos & Vision

Mission Statement

Stanhope nurtures children to develop the skills to become life-long learners in an ever changing world, resilient when faced with problems and fearless in their quest to be the individual that they dream to be. Stanhope provides the students with a safe, stimulating and caring environment that empowers children to use their own voice and skills of self-regulation to contribute to an environment that harnesses each child’s unique potential. Stanhope believes that by providing our students with a rich, varied curriculum underpinned by core and Great British values alongside an appreciation of music, art and travel, contributes to us all becoming responsible, respectful, and open-minded citizens within a global community.




Our Vision

Imagine a school in which all children feel like they belong because their views and cultures are celebrated.

Imagine a school which all children are intrinsically motivated to achieve their own personal best.

Imagine a school where making mistakes are treated as an opportunity to learn.

Imagine a school that invests in experiences that inspires and motivates children.

Imagine a school that believes each child can make a difference to not only their local community but also the wider world.

Imagine a school that helps mould, articulate, expressive and confident communicators with a committed dedication to excellence and innovation.

Imagine Stanhope Primary School.