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Mrs Wordsmith's Wear A Word Day

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, we are having a non-uniform day unlike any other before. Children (and staff) are encouraged to come to school dressed as a word. In class, your child will have had the opportunity to explore a range of resources and select a word to turn into a costume. Children will be given the opportunity to create props to add to their costumes but they are also encouraged to continue making their props at home too. We use a resource called ‘Mrs Wordsmith’ at school and this is where our pupils are selecting their words from. We have left copies of the resources in the school office if any parent wishes to look through it for inspiration. Below are a few ideas of how words can be transformed into costumes.


scrumptious (adjective - tasty or delicious) - Wear a pink top and light coloured trousers. Cut out pictures of cakes, doughnuts and other tasty treats and attach them to your top. Create a head band decorated with a range of tasty treats.


conquer (verb- to defeat or take control) – Dress up as a knight in shining armour.


pampered (adjective – spoiled or coddled) – Wear a bath robe over your outfit, paint your face as if wearing a face mask, paint your nails a bright colour.


swagger – (verb - to strut or stride) – wear a disco inspired outfit, dark shades and a paper chain necklace.


We are very excited to see all students, across the school, fully engaged in this event and the imaginative costumes our pupils produce.