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School Closure update -Summer Term 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


At this point in the year I should be wishing you all a happy return to school at the start of this, the summer term. And yet we are still in a very strange state of working remotely and relying on modern technology to provide learning for our families. The past four weeks have been incredibly challenging for everyone and it has made us all have to re-think our “normal”.

Having energetic primary aged children, you will know first-hand how much is taken for granted the fact that they need an incredible amount of “run-around” time out in the open air. That their wellbeing predicates on being socially engaged and being kept “busy”, especially around the home. Thank goodness for Lego, drawing, and on-line fitness activities!

The Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize Daily has been launched today with the Governments approval and we intend to use these recommended resources to support home learning recommended by the DFE.

All children from Reception to Year 6 will use The Oak National Academy online teaching and learning for English and Maths. Teachers will continue to provide learning for foundation subjects, writing and will also provide supplementary work for English and Maths. Please click here to access the resources available.

The aim with our approach to remote learning is that children are engaged and interested… not that they are making “progress” against national attainment targets – we will deal with this when the children return to school.

I also understand how difficult this time is for you as parents/carers, many of us having to completely reorganise our days to suit working from home, worrying about the financial implications caused by COVID-19 and having to support our children without the usual networks available to us.

Obviously, as a school we are limited in the support we can offer during this period. However, if you are having difficulties, please contact us as we may be able to sign-post you to the relevant support.

Finally, please join me in expressing gratitude to all the key workers, who are putting themselves at risk in delivering core services during this difficult time. Also, please accept my sincere condolences to anyone who has lost a member of their family to COVID-19. We will get through this and I hope to see you all again very soon.

Thank you for your continued support.  

Sahreen Siddiqui
Head Teacher